Friday, 31 January 2014

The return of routine...

My two older kids went back to school on Wednesday after almost seven weeks of school holidays.  I am a little tired....frayed around the edges.....knotty.

There have been too many weeks of no structure. I'm unsettled and itchy. I've lost my focus.

It was good  to have a break from the routine though , no ironing of uniforms, no school lunches, no strict time for bed.  But I am ready for some structure back in our days. For me, the start of the school year is the official start of the year. Up until then I am still in holiday mode.

I am looking forward to getting on with the school days, homework, after school be swept along with the gentle rhythm of our family life.  

There is work to be done, drawers to be sorted, rooms and cupboards to be de-cluttered, last years clothes to be sorted and given to goodwill, babies to be snuggled, toddlers to be played with, new recipes to try, and crochet projects to start.....  

I know from experience how good I feel once the house is in order, after it's had a good spring clean and there is a basic routine in place. It does wonders for the soul doesn't it??

Happy Friday,

Tina xx


  1. I feel the same! It's great to give the house a good spring clean. Looking forward to e next crochet project.

  2. Yes! Soooo much to do now I have the house to myself during the day! I have lists, lists and more lists of things that need my attention, but it's still too hot- not sure what my excuse will be when it eventually cools down...

  3. I'm a list girl too Naam, I feel much more organised if I write things down. Hopefully we'll all get some cooler weather soon :)


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