Monday, 20 January 2014

Kooky Crochet

Remember I said I was crocheting something kooky, something a little bit different and not normally my crochet style????

Well, here it is - the finished product .......

..........crochet taxidermy........

I saw something similar as I was looking through pinterest and thought I'd give it a go.  It was fun and it looks great in little F's room.   It's about as close as I'll get to having a dead animal mounted on my wall!!

The pattern is basically just single crochets worked in rounds, so it's pretty easy - it's sewing all the pieces together that's a bit time consuming and fiddly.  

The original pattern can be found here - the only problem is that it's in French.  I've written it out though and will post it over the next couple of days if you're interested.

Go on .... everyone needs a crocheted reindeer on their wall!   Leave me a link if you make one - I'd love to see some more. x

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