Saturday, 21 June 2014

Returning to work....

In less than two weeks, my maternity leave ends and I will be returning to work.  It is only for two days each week but I have mixed feelings about it.  Mostly I am sad and apprehensive.  I love being a stay at home mum, love pottering around the house, at my happiest when I'm baking, playing with the littlies and nurturing my family.  I am worried about how I will pull it all together, the long work days, being away from the little ones, the general stress of having another ball to juggle.  I have started to mentally prepare myself and make lists on what needs to be done to ease the transition.  There is no other way around it though, I have to go back, so I am determined to focus on the positives.  

tina xo

PS Where did that time go?

Photos: Fog surrounding the Pecan tree and Winter daisies


Friday, 13 June 2014

Road trip

Last weekend, we packed up the family and went on a road trip to the Southern Highlands, New South Wales.  My sister in law was having a 50th birthday lunch at Berrima so we decided to make a weekend of it.   It was a little cosy for the 6 of us (plus luggage) in the car but I have to say I love a road trip!  Not only did we get to explore new country but it was also a break from routine; a break from the laundry, the meal preparation and the everyday chores that take up such a huge part of our day.  For the most part I am a home body and these everyday chores are comforting and satisfying for me, but I also love the little breaks to our daily routine where I can spend every minute of my time with my family; no interruptions, no keeping an eye on the time, nothing to be done other than be completely in the moment with them.

This weekend will be a relaxing, staying at home affair.  It's meant to be raining the whole weekend, so I'm thinking p.j days, crocheting, reading and lots of tea drinking!

Hope your weekend is a lovely one,

tina xo

Monday, 9 June 2014

On my hook - a twisted cowl.

I finished this twisted cowl last week and I know I say it each time I crochet something, but I loved making this, it really was a joy to pick up and work on.  I made it especially for my lovely sister-in-law who celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday.  I loved sifting through the yarn at the local yarn store, picking out the colour I thought she would like, choosing the type of yarn, and browsing online for the right pattern.

The pattern is a fan stitch and done with a 180 degree twist on a 5mm hook so it's nice and chunky.  I absolutely LOVED the yarn too - a superfine Merino (Zara brand) which was incredibly warm and soft, just perfect for wearing around your neck.   The photos really don't do the colour justice - it is such a gorgeous blue and suited her perfectly.

What's been on your hook lately?
tina xo