Wednesday, 22 January 2014

taking stock...

Making : a crocheted christening bonnet for little Miss 'I'
Cooking : as little as possible - it's too hot to be in the kitchen so we've been having fruit and cheese platters, cold meats and salads.
Drinking : water, water and more water, but wishing for a glass of red
Reading: some old historical romance favourites
Wanting: the return of some routine in our days
Looking: forward to autumn; cooler days, comfort food, and wearing scarves and boots

Playing: anything by Emilie Sande
Wasting: time on Pinterest
Sewing: nothing but I've got lots of new fabric to make Miss 'I' some little skirts and bloomers
Wishing: for a few extra hours in the day to get things done
Enjoying: this whole blogging scene
Waiting: for the arrival of a long awaited clothes dresser
Liking: eating the delicious raspberries that are in season now
Wondering: what this year will bring
Loving: late night cuddles with a drowsy baby
Hoping: for a great school year for the older two children
Marvelling: at the beautiful things that can be made from yarn and a hook
Needing: a few extra hours sleep
Smelling: the pure sweet smell of my 5 month old babe
Wearing: DKNY Be Delicious Blossom Fresh perfume,
Following: lots of lovely crochet blogs
Noticing: that my firstborn is no longer a little boy

Knowing: that babies grow up so quickly and that things really do get easier
Thinking: of ways to organise my house and simplify my life
Feeling: hot and tired
Bookmarking: too many crafty blogs 
Opening: another sparkling mineral water
Giggling: at the Diary of a wimpy kid movies I've been watching with the older two children.
Feeling: grateful for so many things

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