Thursday, 15 May 2014

Creating and Crafting - simple toys

In my efforts to declutter the house and rid ourselves of all the excess 'things',  it was inevitable that I would end up in the children's rooms.  I worked and sorted my way through their toy baskets, the shelves and wardrobes, gathering up toys they had outgrown,  that had parts broken or missing, thinning out the excess;  a multitude of mass produced toys slowly being replaced by a few toys that encourage imagination, creativity, and gentle play.  Slowly, but surely there is more paper, pencils and paints, fabric, thread and simple toys inspired by the natural world.

 Recently we made these little Autumn Acorn gnomes, Walnut Boats filled with beeswax and fabric sails, and tiny sleeping babies wrapped in soft felt blankets. 

tina x


  1. Oh! These are so lovely - very Waldorf style! I especially love the boats - must give them a go.

  2. these are the most adorable toys! so simple, so inexpensive. I do love the boats the most i think x

    1. Thank you Emma and Emily! The boats are a favourite in our house too. I was surprised at just how well they floated. Even the 11 year old is having fun with them.


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