Saturday, 1 March 2014

Round Crochet Cushion

It has been a few months since I started this cushion, so it feels good to have it finally finished.  It wasn't a complicated pattern; the opposite actually - easy, repetitive and soothing.  I loved picking it up when I got a chance, do a few rows and then put it down again for a few days or sometimes weeks at a time.  The actual pattern is from Nicki Trench's 'Easy Crochet' (have I mentioned how much I love this book?) but there are many patterns and tutorials on the web.  The rose is also from the same book, but the leaves are from here.   Don't you just love pink and green together? 

Now that I've finished this I'll start on the wee one's christening bonnet.  Nothing like leaving things until the last minute!

Tina xo

The yarn is from Bendigo Woolen Mills in 'Classic' Pale Eucalyptus.  The rose is 'Drops' Lima Powder Pink (3145) and the leaves are 'Drops' Lima Light Olive (45)


  1. Clever! My crochet skills are limited but i have made a few rag rugs in the past. Treble stitch, round and round. Easy and repetitive as well!

    rachel x


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