Friday, 13 June 2014

Road trip

Last weekend, we packed up the family and went on a road trip to the Southern Highlands, New South Wales.  My sister in law was having a 50th birthday lunch at Berrima so we decided to make a weekend of it.   It was a little cosy for the 6 of us (plus luggage) in the car but I have to say I love a road trip!  Not only did we get to explore new country but it was also a break from routine; a break from the laundry, the meal preparation and the everyday chores that take up such a huge part of our day.  For the most part I am a home body and these everyday chores are comforting and satisfying for me, but I also love the little breaks to our daily routine where I can spend every minute of my time with my family; no interruptions, no keeping an eye on the time, nothing to be done other than be completely in the moment with them.

This weekend will be a relaxing, staying at home affair.  It's meant to be raining the whole weekend, so I'm thinking p.j days, crocheting, reading and lots of tea drinking!

Hope your weekend is a lovely one,

tina xo


  1. Gorgeous photos Tina. I can relate to what you've said. I also love coming home again after time away. It makes me appreciate my home even more, if that's possible. My weekend will be much the same as yours. Knitting, reading and lots of tea drinking. I'm an earl grey tea lady too and I also love some dandelion tea and some chia in winter. Enjoy your weekend. xxoo

  2. Sometimes just a few days away from home is the perfect amount of time to escape for! Your photos are lovely, the blues in particular :) I hope you've had a lovely weekend tucked up at home :) x

    1. Thanks Emma. I love the blue tone too. We had a lovely quiet weekend just gone. A nice change of pace. Xo


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