Friday, 22 November 2013

New Beginnings

Spring Flowers,
Cherry Blossom offerings,
sweet new babe,
beautiful crochet for tiny feet. 

As we welcome our fourth child into the world and with spring in the air it seems such a perfect time for me to start this blog; my little space on the web where I can reconnect with my creative side, craft, bake, muse and share little moments of our family life.  I have recently discovered a love for crochet and have so many projects in mind to make; cosy warm blankets, cot blankets, round cushions, ripple cushions, scarves, mittens - it's endless!  So, in between caring for two little ones at home and while the older two are at school during the day, I plan to crochet as often as I can.  Little babes, colourful yarn and hook, home baking and cups of tea.  What a wonderful way to spend my days......

Tina xx

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